Granite State ABA Therapy Services

ABA therapy for the treatment of Autism, Developmental Delays and/or Behavior Disorders provided in home and community settings

ABA Shapes Success!

Granite State ABA Services provides ABA therapy, which opens the door for a greater quality of life for children diagnosed with ASD and other disabilities.

The team of professionals at Granite State ABA Services joins with the family in their home environment and community setting to provide education, training, and support by:

  • Providing function based assessments

  • Making data-based treatment decisions

  • Implementing individualized treatment and behavior plans

  • Teaching effective ABA strategies that give children, teens, and adults functional skills for life


  • Children learn to communicate
  • Children learn social skills
  • Children learn life skills


  • Children learn to be independent
  • Children Learn to Live!

We believe that providing ABA services including a person’s home and local community provide individuals with the greatest advantage of learning those skills needed for life long success